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What happened during the Training of Trainers from Musicians Without Borders

During Musicians Without Borders Training of Trainers we explored our work's context. In our group we visually worked on an image of a broken world, where as Pablo Mendez Granadino said, many run business as usual, not wanting to get their hands in the dirt, looking away. Yasmeen Alatrash told us how are the living circumstances of many in Palestine, living confined next to a dividing wall and Sandro Granda showed us how a drum can be the start of a community. We developed on the idea that I received from Marian Rich at #PPLG2019 that we, the socially engaged artists, are seedlings living in the cracks of this broken world, grasping for a bit of sunlight in all this darkness. We many times can feel very lonely but in reality we are all connected, our roots are all part of a network and we need much care, nourishment and patience for us to spread our work. With our roots well rooted in the arts (The drum) we can help healing our broken world (See all the details in the drawing). I was very emotional when I learned that this drawing, that was taken by Yasmeen Alatrash to Palestine as a token of our training week, was hanged at their workspace at Sounds of Palestine as a symbol of all these thoughts. They are an amazing organization that is changing the lives of many children through music! So here are some pictures of that process! I hope you like them! #Artscanchangetheworld #ThePowerOfMusic

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