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tech supported teaching and learning strategies based on motivation and human connection

I specialize in supporting institutions and educators worldwide in developing long-lasting and sustainable strategies that provide safety and human connection. I utilize online collaborative methodologies that increase the engagement and motivation of students.

I offer a range of services, including consulting on developing and/or transitioning to online and hybrid/blended teaching and learning methodologies, guidance for institutions and teachers staff, workshops and trainings for institutions and music educators.

I teach at the Javeriana University at the Music Pedagogics department and for more than 15 years I have been in charge of the area of "Digital / Online teaching and learning". Researching on the field of motivation in music education with the help of the internet.


I work on subjects like how to better communicate, motivate, and engage with their students in an online and remote setting, university courses, and online trainings aimed at music educators.

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Organizations that trust my work

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Areas of work

I offer consulting and training in the following subjects:

  • Cooperation and Collaborative work

  • "Instrumental lessons in online format. Working aids for music school teachers”

  • Gamification in Music education

  • Project Based Learning with the help of digital resources.

  • Online collaborative learning

  • Content administration for educators

  • Juan’s Online facilitation toolbox

  • Human connection and motivation as the basis for creative social work, music participation and music education in digital format.

  • Making music in the digital space

  • Moderation and Facilitation sessions with trainers on the potentials, risks and developments of Online and digital resources in music education and social work. (Online / in person)

  • Music Education and New Technologies for the Social Transformation (Online)

  • What is actually possible to achieve with the internet (Online)

  • Creativity and Technology in the social and youth work. (Online / in person)

To explore the possibilities of a tailor-made offer based on your specific needs, click on the yellow button now.

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