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instrumental Music teaching in online format

Read about my approach to the subject and the courses I developed for different professional and further education institutions in Germany.

In today's digital world, more and more music teachers are transitioning their lessons online. However, the shift to online teaching can be challenging and requires a different approach than traditional in-person instruction. That's why I offer a three-part course designed to help instrumental music teachers create effective and engaging online lessons that motivate their students.

The course is designed to address some of the most pressing questions that teachers have when it comes to online music instruction. For instance, how can teachers design a creative and effective online lesson that will engage and motivate their students? What technical and didactic aspects should teachers consider when creating online lessons? And what software, tools, and online platforms can teachers use to support their lessons?

The course offers practical simulations of online teaching and encourages experimentation with different approaches to online instruction. Participants will explore the challenges and opportunities of online teaching, learn about concepts such as collaborative learning, and discover how to set up an online teaching space that supports their lessons.

In addition to the core components of the course, participants will also learn about hybrid teaching concepts and methods of visualization, including how to move from 3D to 2D visualizations. Participants will also explore project-based learning models, discover classroom platforms, and experiment with different approaches to online teaching.

With my online course, you can take your instrumental teaching to the next level by learning the latest techniques and approaches to online teaching. The course is designed for music teachers of all levels who are interested in enhancing their teaching skills and engaging with their students in new and exciting ways. Whether you are just getting started with online teaching or have been teaching online for a while, our course is a valuable resource for anyone looking to create effective and engaging online music lessons.

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I bit of background

As the pandemic forced music teachers and music schools and universities to get creative and step into this new way of teaching, teachers needed support and guidance. Fortunately, for over a decade, I had been researching the subject of new technologies and music education and online learning and teaching at my work at Javeriana University.

When the pandemic hit, I was already equipped to help music educators navigate the challenges of teaching online while maintaining an important human connection.

In response to the immense amount of requests that came from Europe and Latin America, I began offering courses on instrumental music teaching in online format. The courses covered topics such as how to make online instrumental teaching successful, how to create a creative online lesson that motivates students, and what technical and didactic aspects to consider.

For example This 90 hour intensive course hosted Online by the Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla offered amazing resources for professional music educators. My 24 hour module focused on how to develop sustainable online strategies based on deep human connection. Know more here.

In addition to teaching the courses, I also provide personalized advice to institutions and train music teachers in implementing these online teaching methods with high quality and maintaining a human connection even in this very cold environment. These courses provide with the knowledge and skills to navigate the challenges of online instrumental teaching and maintain a high level of quality in the lessons.

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