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 Facilitating community development through sound & play 

As a socially engaged artist, I devote myself to facilitate social change through the arts, sound and play. I want to support others to connect with their own self, the others and their communities using the power of music and the arts.

I am a Musicians Without Borders trainer and base my work over their principles and methodology. I also bring many multi-disciplinary elements to my practice like play, theatre, dance, performance and installation. Elements that I have acquired in trainings like the "Arts for Peace and Solidarity" from Kinderfreunde - Klaffer Austria: (Erasmus + European Commission) and my work with the associate members of the Play, Perform, Learn, Grow and the East Side Institute communities.

I use these methods to support individuals and communities that in many cases underwent significant stress because of refuge seeking, cultural clash, extreme poverty or social injustice. But I also work with teams and organizations to strengthen bonds, communication and belonging through workshops and trainings.

The workshops I design spin around subjects like: 

  • Peace building 

  • Diversity 

  • Inclusion 

  • Democracy 

  • Belonging

  • Climate crisis action and nature conservation

Profound & Sound facilitates the creation of safe environments that enables self expression, creativity, belonging, leadership and problem solving as a group,

"Profound" stands for the deepest connection and "Sound" for the safety necessary to establish that connection. It's an experiment, it's never certain what will arise from human interaction, but I aim at making it as profound & sound as possible.

Interested in one of my workshops or trainings at your organization, community or team? Let's discuss the details and tailor a special activity based on your needs. 

Organizations that trust my work 

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Samples of my work 

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