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Facilitating community development through sound & play


As a socially engaged artist, I use the arts, sound, and play to facilitate social change. My mission is to help individuals and communities connect through the power of music and the arts. My main area of work is Youth Leadership through the performing arts, where I empower young people to step into their creativity and leadership to tackle the challenges our societies are facing with the heart.

My approach is based on the principles, methodology and code of practice of Musicians Without Borders (organization of which I'm a trainer and workshop leader), as well as multi-disciplinary elements including play, theatre, dance, and performance. Elements which I have acquired and further developed through training programs such as "Arts for Peace and Solidarity" from Kinderfreunde - Klaffer Austria: (Erasmus + European Commission) and my work with the associate members of the Play, Perform, Learn, Grow and the East Side Institute communities.

I support individuals and communities who have experienced significant stress due to factors such as refuge seeking, cultural clashes, extreme poverty, or social injustice. I also work with teams and organizations to strengthen bonds, communication, and a sense of belonging through workshops and trainings.

Keep scrolling to discover the different areas of work and types of experiences and education programs that I offer. 

If you're interested in hosting one of my workshops or trainings for your organization, community, or team, please contact me to discuss your specific needs. I am dedicated to tailoring each offer to meet the unique requirements of each group and organization.

To know more about me click here.

About my work
Upcoming events
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What I offer

I am committed to creating safe environments that encourage self-expression, creativity, belonging, community building, leadership, and problem solving as a group.

  • Youth leadership workshops over specific areas of work through the arts. (from a 1,5h session to 5 day retreats)

  • Playful music workshops in different areas of work for:

    • Youngsters

    • Children

    • Seniors

    • Teams and organizations

    • Institutions

  • Community building workshops​​

What I offer

Organizations that trust my work

My cients
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What my Clients say about my work

Areas of work

Community development and Youth Leadership
  • Diversity

  • Inclusion

  • Democracy

  • Belonging

  • Identity

  • Climate, Environmental and Nature Engagement

  • Human / Children’s Rights

  • Artistic processes for social change

  • Children and Youth Leadership

  • Peace building, solidarity and the arts

based on 
  • Play & Music

  • Community Music

  • Music in the social work

  • Youth and Community Songwriting

To learn more about the possibilities for a tailor-made workshop please click the yellow button to explore what I have developed with and for my clients so far. Let's work together to create something profound and sound that supports youth leadership and empowers individuals and communities to create positive change.

Aras of work

Samples of my work

Samples of my work

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