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I'm excited to invite teenagers to join me at Treffpunkt Sie(h)da for a weekend of creativity and fun. The workshop is called "Hip-Hop but with Respect". From March 24th to 25th, 2023, we'll be exploring hip-hop music with a focus on respect and inclusivity.

During this workshop, we'll delve into critical discussions about racist and sexist hip-hop lyrics and explore ways to rethink such messaging in Hip-Hop culture by actually creating lyrics and beats ourselves while having fun.

The workshop is organized by the Förderverein Treffpunkt Sie(h)da (@foeve_treffpunkt_siehda), the Team Jugend, Sozialen Service, and the Gleichstellungsbüro of the Gemeinde Stuhr, and is supported by the House of Resources (@houseofresources_os_dh).

The workshop takes place at Treffpunkt Sie(h)da, Jupiterstr. 1, 28816 Stuhr, registration by emailing

I can't wait to see you there for a weekend of hip-hop with respect!

@hausamwallstuhr @gemeinde_stuhr



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