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Bye bye Slovakia

Just finished this amazingly transforming week where youth workers and #educators from Greece, Portugal, The Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia and Italy came to Slovakia to get trained in the Songs for Change methodology to work in this European commission funded project 2022-2024 where songwriting will be the way to reflect upon EU values with young people living in all these countries.

It's a mega project where a tool kit will be published with all the discoveries and methods developed by trainers and tested with young participants.

I had the honor of being invited as the trainer of this training and bring my perspective to community songwriting and how we can create change and belonging through songwriting and sparking creativity when working with young people.

I had an amazing group of 14 workshop leaders and trainers that displayed their total creativity. They came out with fantastic ideas for all the work that's ahead of them until 2024 and preparing for a youth exchange in Utrecht in September 🤩 can't wait for that!



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