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Feel the excitement of collective music creation

You can now book what I call a collective music creation experience! At your organization, event or festival.


I use resources like Drum Circles, Improvisers Orchestras, Home Made Instruments ensembles, collective songwriting and many more to work with children, organizations, teams, festivals, and elderly homes in both Online as Offline settings where you can experience  an intense social connection and joy of creating music together.


  • Groups can be as big as 100 participants and as little at 3.

  • No musical experience or training is needed.

  • Suitable for all ages. 

What my Clients say about my work

What I offer

Kids workshops
  • Rhythm and body percussion (Ages 6 and older)

  • Drum & Bucket Circles (Ages 4 and older)

  • Juan's Intuitive Orchestra® (Improv Orchestra) (Ages 4 and older)

  • DIY and Recycled Instrument Creation + Orchestra (Ages 4 and older)

  • 1 hour Fun & Music Games with Juan® (Ages 4 and older)

  • Building your own Cajón® (Wood Drum) + painting / drawing art - Rhythm and Fun Multi Day Workshop (Ages 6 and older)

  • Collective Songwriting (for Teenagers an older)

  • Rap Workshop with Juan (Beat Creation, Rap text writing and Recording) (for Teenagers an older)

Team Building and empowerment
  • "Singing without even noticing®" empowerment Workshop

  • "Bonding Trough Rhythm and Drumming®" Workshop

  • "Leadership and Creativity though music and self expression®" Workshop

  • "Awaken your playfulness through music®" Workshop

To learn more about the possibilities for a tailor-made workshop please click the yellow button to explore what I have developed with and for my clients so far. Let's work together to create something fun, empowering and creative together.

My Workshop Offers

Samples of my work

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