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Cajon construction Workshop

Juan's Cajon Construction & Rhythm Workshop is perfect for schools, after-school programs, and children's organizations promising an unforgettable journey into the captivating realm of rhythm and creativity.

In just five days, Juan and the kids will:

  • Learn about rhythm through fun games.

  • Make new friends and get to know each other through music.

  • Train our creativity and listening skills.

  • Build their own Cajones (wooden box percussion instruments) using hammers, nails, and glue.

  • Customize and paint their Cajones.

  • Perform in a final presentation for parents and staff.

Workshop Details:

  • No previous music making experience is necessary.

  • Five-day workshop with morning and afternoon sessions.

  • Perfect for school vacations

  • Requires a suitable space for construction and drying.

  • Participants keep their handmade Cajones.

Interested? Contact us to discuss materials and pricing. Let's make music together!



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