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Music in the social work @ University programs

I have been invited by several universities from Europe and Latin America to share on a very practical way how music can be used in the social work to bring people together.

@ The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

It started with "Building Belonging Through the Recognition of the Other". That was the name I gave to the workshop I was invited to give to the 1st year students of social work of The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

The workshop had as a goal, to show the students how integrating music in their practice can create a big impact on communities and on the social worker.

Here some thoughts about that experience

@ the Javeriana University of Colombia

I also currently work as lecturer with study program: Music For Social Transformation. A study program offered by the Javeriana University of Colombia to the young leaders of the Young Philharmonic Orchestra Orchestra of Colombia. These young musicians are active change makers in their communities and they receive and education on how to structurally use music as a transformation tool for Colombian society.

Here you can read more about this big project at the El Espectador news paper listen to the Interview at La W Radio Station and read the article at El Heraldo news paper

@ The Music Conservatory Lübeck in Germany

The Musikhochschule Lübeck called me and my Colleague Fabienne Haßlöwer to give an The intensiv Praxis week: Community Music as a cooperation with @tontalenteluebeck.

Our module is part of the Music in the social work program of the @mhluebeck

And we were asked to share our approach to community music and community building and development in an experience oriented manner.

We proposed a week long retreat were we spent an inspiring time at @nordkolleg.rendsburg The idea was to experience the community formation from first hand and the role that music can have in such a process. And then later to discover the personal approach and voice to community music when it comes to applying it in the social work.

Our approach focuses on building and developing community with 5 key elements:

  • Leadership and Facilitation

    • Recognizing and strengthening the individual potential of all participants and the development opportunities of the group.

    • Creating safety in the group, opening up and maintaining room for development.

  • Communication (verbal and non-verbal)

    • Empowering and appreciative communication.

  • Social and aesthetic interaction

    • Experiencing, reflecting and guiding creative processes in groups.

    • Accompanying group-dynamic artistic processes.

    • Aesthetic Research.

  • Inclusion & Diversity

    • Musicking

    • Learn about inclusive music-making activities in groups (e.g., singing games, rhythm games, warm-ups, icebreakers, energizers, group improvisation, inventing music, live arrangement, body percussion, etc.).

  • Community Music - individual method case

Music in the Social Work at Digital Spaces

"Unlocking the Power of Music and Technology in Social Work: My Experience Teaching a Digital Music Seminar at the Musikhochschule Lübeck (Music Conservatory Lübeck), Germany. Discover how I combined my passion for music education and social work in a digital seminar that focused on creating engaging and creative online music learning opportunities. From playful approaches to music in the digital space to teaching and learning strategies, I share my insights and experience in this fulfilling and rewarding journey. Read on to learn how digital platforms can be used to motivate and inspire others, and how you can apply these ideas to your future projects." Click here to read the full story.

University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf

For the bachelor program of children pedagogics I have been called to give a week seminar to present my approach to community music in the work with children in 2023 and I will be focusing on multi-gerenational music making and play based music making. More info to follow.



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