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A new project in Utrecht in The Netherlands

Looking forward to this: Did you ever get lost within the dynamic of the city? Or was your voice ever unheard? On the 8th of December, "The Stories Behind_" will be having a special gathering in BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht. It is an invitation to take a breathe, listen to ourselves and creatively rediscover the quality of our voice which plays an essential role in the place that we live in.

During this session, bass player, music educator and community development facilitator, Juan David Garzon will be guiding us to find our center and place within everyday life dynamics. The stories will be translated into a personal sound, and we will let our sound flow into a collective rhythm where we can identify ourselves and recognise the others. If you want to hear more, join us on 8th of December to embrace and celebrate our rhythm together!

Photos By: Alena Vinokurova

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