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A gift to you

A gift to you, please read then watch! In this time of the year, when we want to be close to our loved ones and some people can't, I'd like to remember this process with the kids of the Eichholz district orchestra. After the bombings in Siria in 2016 we had a discussion around how is it to be far from your best friend and not knowing about that friend's well being. I saw the need of creating upon those feelings. After a process of interviews with many of these kids, we co-created this song. (It's in German, just listen to it even if you don't understand the text) One of the most powerful phrases I heard during the interviews was something like this: "I remember that back home, with my best friend who was also my neighbour, we used to climb on our rooftops on clear nights to lay and look at the stars! I hope I can do that once more with him!" So the message of the song is that despite of the distance, the pain, and the uncertainty, that friendship is so strong that it endures everything! And that message I want to give to you all this day!




Nice post thanks for sharinng

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