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Carlos Quebrada - E-Bass

Carlos started out his journey and bass exploration together with me before moving to Buenos Aires. Now he's an amazing musician thirsty for experimentation and expanding his borders.

Carlos Eduardo Quebrada Vasquez is a Colombian musician Born in Bogotá and settled in Buenos aires since 2009, Quebrada has being a relevant figure in Argentinan and Colombian contemporary creative music and avant-jazz scene.

Bassist, composer and improviser, Quebrada has been able to build a voice in his music and performance through a deconstructed approach to the his instrument and to his musical language; the sonorous re-exploration of the electric bass, an non traditional approach crafted by his own history as a person of color, as an immigrant and as Latin American. The core of its sound is the search for an identity. Its music is built through relentless energy, rhythm from its most primitive and visceral expression. Improvisation and composition are the procedures used for the same purpose, the construction of his particular identity and space for expression.

As a composer, bass player, improvisor and curator in many productions that varies between musical ensambles, Filmscore for shortcuts and movies, sound design and composition for theater plays.

In 2015 he had won the award for the best musical composition for shortcuts in the international Bogota film festival ‘’Bogoshorts’’ with the film Becerra. In 2018 he has being selected with other 13 musicians from all around the world to make part of ART OMI music residence in Hudson, NY. In may 2019 he was part of the #173 artist residence at Atlantic Centre for the arts, working along with master artist Annie gosfield, and composing a solo violin and electronics piece for the NYC violinist Pauline kim Harris.

As leader and composer of the group Sales de Baño he had released 3 albums in various labels, was awarded with the first prix for unpublished jazz album of the ‘Fondo Nacional de las artes’ (National Art resources entity of Argentina) in 2018 with the album ‘Geometría del Vínculo. Performed in different jazz festivals and venues from latin America, including Buenos Aires jazz festival, ICPNA Jazz festival, Lima Jazz Festival and New music Festival of Montevideo. as a producer, side man or co-leader he had released more than 15 albums in Argentina, Colombia, Perú, Uruguay and Chile. Also composed pieces for contemporary ensambles as Scelci Dúo (Chile), Ensamble Fractura (Chile), Nicotina es primavera (Perú/Argentina) Cabeza de Termo ensamble (Argentina)

Collaborated with great musicians from all over the world such as Marta Gomez (Colombia/spain), Nicolás Ospina (Colombia), Nikolaus Neuser (Germany), Violeta García (Argentina), Nicolas del Aguila (Argentina) Weasel Walter (USA), Chris Pitsiokos (USA), Audrey Chen (USA/Berlin), Alan Courtis (Argentina), Brandon Seabrook (USA), María Mónica Gutierrez (Colombia), Andres Gualdrón (Colombia), Benjamin Calais (France), Bonnie Lander , Michael Evans, Samuel Weinberg (USA), Teté Leguía, Jorge Espinal, Camilo Angeles (Perú) among many others,

Currently co-direct the net label TVL REC, a record label with more than 15 albums published of experimental and new music of artist from Latin America and a monthly series of concerts since 2016 in Roseti one of the most significant venues in Buenos aires.

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