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Lessons FAQ

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Are you taking new students?

Yes, at the moment I still have a couple of spots open.

What days and times are you available for lessons?

I'm available normally from Monday to Friday throughout the day and in the evenings.

I have little availability on the Saturdays in the morning. 

My advise is to get in contact with me per Whatsapp to fix a day and time that fit us both.  


Can I first have a tryout session?

Sure. Book a free of charge tryout session to see if you like it here

Where does the lesson TAKE PLACE?

At my place in my music room or Online via Zoom, where I have all my resources, instruments and material for an ideal lesson.

How long is one lesson?

This depends very much from student to student. I would suggest 30 minutes sessions for young children 6 - 9 years old, 45 minute sessions for kids 9 - 12 years old and 1 hour sessions from 12 and up. We can of course try out what feels more comfortable to you. 

How often are the lessons?

This depends very much from student to student. I suggest once per week but depending on your needs you can set lessons once every 2 weeks or 2 times per week.


At what age can I start lessons with you?

My suggestion is 6 years of age but everyone is different so we can evaluate each case independently.

Until what age can I still keep taking lessons with you?

You will never be too old to take lessons with me. You just need to be motivated to learn. 

Are lessons in a group or individual (one on one)?

Only band coachings are in a group.

Do I have to have my own instrument for the lessons?

I would definitely recommend having your own instrument. That way you can build a stronger relationship with it. 

Can I use one of your instruments during the lessons?

Normally I wouldn't have a problem with that since I have enough instruments at my place, but due to COVID - 19 at the moment that option is not possible. 

How are you handling COVID - 19?

At the moment my suggestion is to work with me Online via Zoom as much as possible. I have lots of experience with online education and you would be amazed of how cool it can be. My main concern is my student's safety so I'm only meeting students in person under very strict safety measures (disinfection prior entering the lesson space, we both wear a mask, I disinfect surfaces before and after every lesson and we avoid singing in a closed space as my music room).

Which levels do you teach?

I teach all levels. From complete beginners to advanced and professionals that even want to go deeper in their musicianship. See about my experience here.

In which languages can you give lessons?

English, Spanish, German and Basic Dutch.

What happens when I cannot make it to the lesson?

Normally it is fine and we can reschedule or in necessary cases we can cancel that week's lesson but only when you give me notice at least 1 day before so I can have enough time to fit in other student or appointment in that slot.

Of course if it's an emergency or you are feeling sick it's totally fine but unfortunately if it just a schedule problem and you give me notice the same day I will have to count that lesson as taken and it will be charged. (I hope you understand)

What is your cancellation policy?

You may pause your studies with me at any point and for as long as 1 year keeping your un-taken lessons credit (in case you payed for a in advance 4 lessons package). After that period your credit cannot longer wait for you.  

You may end your studies with me at any time, I would be very sad to see you leave though. My suggestion is to take all your lessons if you are paying an in advance 4  lessons package before ending your studies because I can unfortunately not give refunds.  

Are there discounts when I pay more lessons in advance?

Totally! I offer 4 sessions discount packages! Check them out!

Can I buy lessons as a Gift Card for someone?

Definitely! What better than giving a learning experience as a gift! Check them out!

What type of payments do you accept?

I only accept bank transfers.  

Do I have to pay VAT?

My business is governed by Dutch tax law. According to it, you pay VAT only if you the student is older than 21 years. Otherwise my lessons are VAT free. 

When and how can I make payments?

You will always receive an invoice from me and the term will depend in you are paying lessons in advance or after the lessons are taken at the end of the month. 

Can I pay in cash?

Unfortunately not.

Latest revision: 12.04.2021

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