As a socially engaged artist, I devote myself to facilitate social change through the arts, sound and play. I want to support others to connect with their own self, the others and their communities using the power of music and the arts. I have experience working with individuals and groups that undergo significant stress because of refuge seeking, cultural clash, extreme poverty and social injustice.

I use these same methods to help teams and organizations to strengthen bonds  communication and work capacities through workshops and trainings.

I am a Musicians Without Borders trainer and base my work over their principles and methodology. I also bring many multi-disciplinary elements to my practice like play, theatre, dance, performance and installation. Elements that I have acquired in trainings like the "Arts for Peace and Solidarity" from Kinderfreunde - Klaffer Austria: (Erasmus + European Commission) and my work with the associate members of the Play, Perform, Learn, Grow and the East Side Institute communities.

Interested in one of my workshops or trainings at your organization, community or team? Let's discuss the details and tailor a special activity based on your needs. 

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Con un enfoque creativo trabajaremos con  diferentes herramientas digitales esenciales para la practica musical en línea.

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This workshop was based on the recognition of the self, the other and the collective creation as a community development experiment. The Workshop was recorded at PPLG 2019 conference in Thessaloniki Greece

In this workshop we worked with young people from many different backgrounds to explore and experiment with the concept of democracy. We used many different musical and playful situations where we didn't rationalise upon the concept but we lived it through self expression.

Together with Kirsten Gerritsen, Anan AL-Kadamani and Pim van der Mijl we are developing a space to share experiences and talents through music. Diffusing the line that divides musicians from audience, trained musicians and non-musicians concert hall and community space and many other opposites. We want to turn around how the traditional jam session works and create an environment where the multiculturally richness of the city of Utrecht blends with its people!

"Building Belonging Through the Recognition of the Other" was the name I gave to the workshop I was invited to give to the 1st year students of social work of The Hague University of Applied Sciences. 

The workshop had as a goal, to show the students how integrating music in their practice can create a big impact on communities and on the social worker. 

To see my comments about the workshop click here.

As part of a research project and inclusive work on friendship during the harshness of armed conflict, I ran a 1 year long series of interviews with refugee kids residing in Germany. Based on those stories we co-created this song.

With the Stadtteilorchestra Eichholz we created this song about the feeling of having a new home. After the pain of fleeing home and living all behind, there is a bright future possible. 

I facilitated the communal work in the orchestra as a safe space for creativity for local kids and asylum seeking kids. 

There I conducted a series of interviews and collectively created the lyrics and I wrote the music and produced the song.

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