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Online Action and Education from the HEART❤️

Tontalente e.V. is not letting any virus get in its way to connect people through music! "Online Action and Education from the HEART❤️" was the name I gave to the conference I was invited to give to their team of educators. I'm happy that all the study and research I've done throughout the last 15 years with my courses @Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and conferences around the world about Internet for Music Education are now very useful to organizations like Tontalente. Next week I'll be giving an open to the public Conference-Workshop for music educators, in German, but worry not, I'm setting something up to give one in Spanish and one in English so stay tuned! Translate and read the post of Tontalente! I loved it! Special thanks toFabienne Haßlöwerfor all her insight, support and care and toBogdan Manta from Online Presentations, Presenting & Public Speaking, from whom I learned a whole lot to prepare for this wonderful challenge at theUtrecht Business Breakfast!



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